Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bún Chay

Bun Chay is a Vietnamese rice noodle salad.  My photo has the ingredients separated but it is served/eaten in a bowl all together.  It is a great change from your typical pasta salad or warm noodle dishes.  I especially love the freshness of the dish and it makes a wonderful packed lunch. 

I based my bun chay on this recipe over at The Kitchn.  Make sure to replace the soy sauce with tamari to avoid gluten.  I added a bit of zest to my dressing.  Take the toppings list as a suggestion--use what you have one hand!  I was out of lettuce so I made sure I had extra herbs.  Bean sprouts aren't my favorite so I included carrots and jalapeno.  I was out of peanuts so I quickly roasted up some raw cashews I keep on hand for cashew cream.

And maybe make extra fried tofu.  I am forever telling people that fried tofu is super tasty.  It's great in the salad but a lovely snack on its own--especially with peanut sauce.

You'll like this- make it.

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