Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rice Noodles

One of my favorite quick go-to meals is rice noodles.  I fix these at least once a week.  This is a basic version but they are tasty with whatever mix-ins you prefer.

Rice Vermicelli
Diced Bell Pepper
Chopped Garlic
Carrot Ribbons (use a vegetable peeler)
Tamari or gluten free soy sauce
Rice Vinegar
Canola Oil
Green Onions
Black Sesame Seeds

Chop up your veggies while bringing water to boil for your noodles.  Throw those in for a couple of minutes and drain.  Put your empty pot back on the burner, add a small amount of oil and stir fry your veggies (minus the green onions) until they soften a bit.  At this point add  a tablespoon or two, each, of the tamari and rice vinegar.  Add a squirt of sriracha to taste.  At this point, throw in the noodles and toss to combine.  Dump onto a plate, top with the green onions, sesame seeds, and drizzle with as much sriracha as you can handle. 

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