Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cherry BBQ Jackfruit

I look forward to posting more and more this year.  I think knowing what people eat is helpful--things that are thrown together from this and that...not necessarily an exact recipe each time.  Maybe something you see here will inspire your own dinner.

Have fun with the recipes you find online, change things around, make them your own.  Combine ones that you like!

Over the last year or so I happily became a huge fan of jackfruit.  Mostly due to Bake and Destroy's mention and basic recipe for All-Purpose BBQ Jackfruit.  It really is a wonderful substitution for BBQ and I recommend her recipe as is.  Throw in your favorite sauce and enjoy.

After picking up some beautiful cherries at the store last week I was in the mood for one of my favorite sauces-- it is a cherry BBQ sauce that has a great tangy/sweet taste.  To save time, I decide to make everything at once.  I use the ingredients for around half a batch of sauce to go along with the one can of jackfruit.  I threw all ingredients into the pot at once.  Switch the butter for Earth Balance, make sure your Worcestershire sauce is vegan, and make any changes you want.  I exchanged sorghum for brown sugar, added some cayenne.  Adjust the sweet and vinegar to taste as you cook!

A few hours later and look what you get:

Enjoy on a bun, in a taco, on a potato, salad, as is, any way you want...  This particular night I had it on a bun with my favorite potato salad on the side--recipe for that coming along soon!

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